Dental Veneers

Having imperfections in your smile can lower your self-confidence, making you unhappy with how you look while laughing and talking, which can hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. Fortunately, Dental Veneers offer a quick and efficient way to fix the appearance of stained, chipped, or crooked teeth, lifting your self-confidence levels immensely.

At Dentistry@442, we pride ourselves on years of experience in beautifying our clients’ teeth. We only work with the finest materials, advanced technologies, and modern techniques to ensure the best and most durable results. Not only will you love your new smile, but you can also trust it to stand the test of time.

Our dental professionals are dedicated to giving you a happy and confident smile that lasts. Come and visit us today for a life-changing experience!

Veneers can be used for:

What are veneers?

A dental veneer comprises a weeny layer of material that is applied over the surface of a tooth, not only enhancing its appearance but also striving to protect the natural tooth. The two categories of veneer are composite veneer and porcelain veneer, both created at a dental laboratory before being bonded to the tooth surface. While composite veneers can also be shaped in the mouth directly to generate the expected results, porcelain veneers need more preparation before being affixed.

Are you curious about the short answer to perfecting your smile? Dental veneers! Offering remarkable results, the process is speedy; your dentist will prepare the affected tooth by eliminating a tiny amount of enamel from its exterior, ensuring a strong attachment for the veneer. For the most part, this doesn’t require anaesthesia. The uses of veneers are extensive and provide solutions for various flaws. They can close gaps, transform stained and chipped teeth, and manoeuvre marginally misaligned teeth into place.

Why choose Dentistry@442?

Dentistry@442 located in Wardle (Rochdale) offers an award-winning smile that will undoubtedly turn heads. Our dental team comprises seasoned professionals who cater to all your dental needs while actively listening to your concerns, providing tailor-made solutions that match your preferences and budgets.

We use state-of-the-art technologies to deliver results beyond your expectations. Our affordable payment plans ensure that you can get a confidence-boosting smile without breaking the bank. Plus, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have about your treatment.

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The short answer is no. Nothing will happen to your teeth as long as you take care of your veneers – which is easy to do.

Foods you can and cannot eat with veneers:

  • Hard foods, including ice, raw fruit and vegetables, or candy.
  • Sticky foods, including caramel.
  • Toasted bread.
  • Tough to chew meats.
  • Staining foods, such as tomatoes, cola, berries, ketchup, tea, or coffee.

Veneers are permanent, once you receive them, you can’t go back to your natural teeth.

As long as your veneers are properly applied and maintained, your natural teeth are well protected.

It takes at least 24 hours for the bonding to completely set, and you should avoid chewing during this time. However, around two hours after your appointment, the veneers should be set, and some eating can resume.

You will need to brush twice a day and floss once in order to keep your veneers in tip-top shape.

Yes, you can use an electric tooth brush on veneers. Care should be take not to brush too hard and to use gentle pressure for up to 3 minute until the teeth are clean.
Dental crowns are typically the best option if your tooth is very damaged, has a large filling, or has undergone a root canal, since the tooth enamel is more compromised and will need better protection. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, are best for purely cosmetic purposes.
Over time, the veneer can become weak, thin or even loose, all of which result in vulnerability. Dentists recommend replacing dental veneers when there are visible signs of wear and tear.

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