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Dentistry@442 is Enlighten's regional centre of excellence.

Enlighten teeth whitening is a top-tier choice for convenient and effective home teeth whitening, using a patented gel in custom trays to make your smile brighter. With its gentle materials, you won’t have to worry about the sensitivity that other teeth whitening treatments may cause; mild or severe cases of discolouration can be easily reversed in around three weeks with results lasting up to three years!

Why whiten your teeth at a Regional Centre of Excellence?​

At an Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence teeth whitening is more than just a treatment, it’s an experience. We have successfully whitened 100’s of patients to Enlightens guaranteed B1 shade or higher.

Why whiten with the Enlighten whitening system?

We tried several whitening systems before we stumbled upon Enlighten and we’ve stuck with them ever since. Here are reasons you’ll love Enlighten too:

  • Guaranteed B1 shade (the most natural white shade on the vita guide)
  • No need to give up your favourite foods and morning coffees (no white diets here)
  • And ever-lasting results.

How Enlighten works?

It’s just a few steps to get you your pearly whites, here’s how it goes:

  • Book yourself in for an appointment
  • Have moulds taken for your whitening trays
  • Start using the Tooth Serum every time you brush to keep sensitivity at bay
  • Pick up your custom-made trays and your Enlighten kit
  • Begin your 2 week at-home treatment
  • Finish up with a 40 minute in-surgery boost for a forever white smile.

We have whitened 100's of smiles.

Explore our teeth whitening gallery to witness the stunning transformations and brighter smiles our patients achieve!

Dr. Rehan Asmat Alam

Designation: Principal Dentist
Medical Eduction: BDS, MFDS RCS (Edinburgh)
PG Cert. Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry (London)
GDC Number: 4678000

Dr Alam graduated in the year 2006 from University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. He started his career as a general dentist and worked in a private clinic in Lahore till 2010 when he moved to the UK. After clearing his UK registration exams in 2015, he worked in Exmouth, Devon for over a year where he gained his essential NHS training. After that, he moved to Folkstone, Kent where he worked for over 4 years with Bupa Dental Practice as an associate. He took over Dentistry@442 as Principal/Owner in May 2023. Dr Alam has special interest in dental aesthetics, smile makeovers and orthodontics. He enjoys playing cricket and singing.

Excellence in Dental Care for the Wardle Community

Dentistry@442 aims to continue its 40-year legacy of excellent dental care in Wardle, Rochdale, under new management. We’re dedicated to keeping our family-friendly atmosphere, incorporating modern dental methods, and providing personalized care to ensure top-quality dental services for all ages in a comfortable setting. Our commitment is to serve the community with integrity, compassion, and a focus on enhancing oral health and wellbeing for all patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

It usually takes 3 weeks but if you have a complex case then it can take up to 8 weeks. Your dentist will be able to give you an accurate expectation during your initial appointment.

98% of cases reach shade B1 and some even go beyond. This is regardless of your age, diet and current teeth shade. A lot of patients go beyond B1, but we can’t guarantee that. 

Please get in touch with your dentist and let them know your concerns.

It’s basically the point at which your teeth can’t go any whiter. It varies from person to person and can’t be pinned down to a single shade.

Unfortunately this will not whiten crowns, veneers or composite fillings – Only your natural tooth changes colour.

We recommend that you have your whitening treatment first and then consider having any cosmetic work done to match up your newly whitened teeth.

Enlighten treatment is completely safe. Unless you’re pregnant or a nursing mum, in that case we would advise you to wait.

There can be some sensitivity due of the nature of how teeth are whitened, however most patients experience no sensitivity at all.

If you do happen to get any senstivity, it will go away once you stop the treatment.

Enlighten teeth whitening kit is suitable for vegans.

If you have any more questions or would like to schedule a consultation then please book an appointment.

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